khotachi Wadi,Mumbai

If you love history and architecture, and want to get a feel for how Bombay was back in the day, don’t miss walking though the village of Khotachiwadi. Situated in Girgaum, in south Mumbai, its narrow winding lanes are home to 150 year old Portuguese-style bungalows and a tiny church.

Khotachi Wadi is a tiny hamlet located in South Mumbai’s Girgaum district which among other things is famous for a pristine beach known locally as ‘Chowpatty’ and offers the most defining image of Mumbai – tall buildings juxtaposed against the Arabian Sea. And this is when you realise that the heritage village of Khotachi Wadi works as the perfect anomaly for what we know as Mumbai.

It somewhat instantly reminds you of Goa but is located right in the middle of South Mumbai and a little farther away from ‘Chowpatty’. To the visitor, it comes across as a whiff of fresh air as one enters the narrow lanes of this heritage precinct with old-Portuguese style houses which have been home to Mumbai’s original inhabitants, the East Indian Christians. For a moment, it does feel like Goa!

Most of the houses here are at least a hundred years old.True to their Art Deco inspired architectural heritage, most of the houses of Khotachi Wadi are hand painted in bright colours and are either double or triple storied structures with high ceilings, large rooms and flanked by old-style verandas.

The wooden staircases that lead to the floors above take you back to another era altogether while the small church right at Khotachi Wadi’s entrance speaks about the Portuguese heritage. It is while observing these beautiful houses you will realise the heritage value of this locality and why it lends itself away from everything around it.

Nearest station – Churni Road 

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