Taking care of your home in Monsoon

The monsoon showers has arrived and reduced the scorching heat. How many of us have made preparations for the arrival of monsoon in our homes? It is very important that you pay heed to the fixes and the damages which are to be done before the monsoon arrives. Pre-monsoon showers feels great but at the same time kindles your curiosity about house maintenance. Because no matter how much you may enjoy getting drenched in the rains, you would long for the warm cozy corner your house. So here are few home care tips to ensure that you spend best time back home this monsoon season.

Monsoon care for your home

Simple smart steps go a long way in making you a perfect home maker. With monsoons round the corner it is time to preparation for a neat, clean& microbial free home.  Some simple tips given below can help you counter problems like  images of creaking furniture, smelly cupboards or damp sofas, drainage system issues and many more …so here are some tips ….
1. Delay any major renovations as nothing dries easily in rainy season. Neither labor reaches on time nor Plaster of Paris, paint dries. The work is delayed unnecessarily leading to more expense.
b. As the government of India also keeps advising that do not let water accumulate in your surroundings. This leads to breeding of mosquitoes. If there are any pots or vessels filled with water, make sure they are covered and kept clean.
2. Put camphor or silica gel sachets in your cupboards; it takes away the moisture and protects your clothes. Try investing in tumble dryers or dehumidifiers. Your hassle of drying wet clothes or making the complete home a laundry will be reduced drastically.
3. Aroma oil burners choose during this season, besides giving fragrance, will reduce the smell of dampness and typical smell of wet air in the mud. Remember to keep a good waterproof doormat in front of your house so that people can reduce the amount of mud that they might unintentionally bring in.
4. Tile joints in bathrooms should be checked and kept sealed, especially in apartment complexes.

5. There are pest control companies which give you an annual contract and help take care of pest control problems in your home. It is a good time to get pest control problems in your house. It is a good time to get pest control in house. Grandmother tip of putting neem leaves in your cupboards or sprinkling a few cloves among your clothes keeps away insects like silver fish etc.
6. Furniture needs special care during the monsoon. Wrought iron furniture should be coated with anti-rust whereas garden chairs made in cane or nylon are best to be kept. Put a tablespoon of Dettol in a half a liter of tepid water. Dip a soft cloth into this liquid and rub the area infected with fungus. Clean your upholster sofa with fully dried cloth. Wrapping your sofa or bed mattresses with plastic sheet before placing covers will protect them from getting damp.
7. Take care of your electrical gadgets.
8. Swelling of wooden door due to moisture in the atmosphere is common during monsoon. It may be because of loose hinges or wrong fixing of door. In such case door can be removed and fixed again. Varnishing, painting or sandpaper the part of the door that gets stuck with the frame can solve this problem.

You need to take precaution steps to keep your home safe in monsoon.

– Compiled by Townmumbai Team


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