Diversified yet United….in a Mess but still Great…that’s what Mumbai is….!

It was conceived as many as 3 centuries ago that Mumbai is going to be a metropolitan city & a primary center for trade and a major source of revenue for India. The potential was detected way back when the English governors started giving special trade concessions and discounts on various business activities and polices to attract major merchants, traders and professionals to come and work in the city of Bombay which is today Mumbai and is considered to generate 63% of the total revenue of India till date.

From a hamlet of Koli people 300 years ago where in major part of the city being covered with swamps and marshes, today’s Mumbai is a completely contrasting city which we can see.

Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Jains, Parsis, Maharastrians & many more communities live in harmony together. A large mixture of religions, castes, languages and professions today adorn the city of Mumbai and no matter how big a major calamity or an attack strikes Mumbai, the people are always united to help each other. It is rightly said by many that ‘no one can sleep on an empty stomach in Mumbai as there is work for all’.

The Bombay Government in 1672 who were in lookout for people of various occupations right from butchers, husbandmen, carpenters, gardeners, silk and cotton weavers, locksmiths, bakers, cooks, tailors, shoemakers and many more. They started giving various incentives and religious concessions to settle down in Mumbai which were unheard of during that time & eventually people from different parts of India started to reside in Bombay. It was after that movement Lower Parel became a cotton and silk industry hub at that time where we can see today empty mills/godowns and factories with rusted machines. The rich Parsis whose primary place was Gujarat also soon made Mumbai as its chief place and hence came places like Dadar Parsi Colony amongst others. Today the richest industrialists, richest businessmen, traders, bollywood industry, the National stock exchange, the Bombay stock exchange, the reserve bank of India, the world Trade center everything resides and has a base in Mumbai making it one of the finest and biggest metropolitan cities in the world.

 Written by Haineel Shah
(For www.townmumbai.com)

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