Steps to get Duplicate Copy Of Lost Sale Deed?

Sale deed is the biggest proof of ownership over property. we are normally extremely careful about it’s safety. But if you lose it , dont get panic, you can get the duplicate copy of sale deed, for that you will have to follow following steps 

You will have to follow 2 imp steps once you realize that you have lost the sale deed.  1st of all you will have to lodge an FIR with the police and then advertise  about the sale deed loss in national dailies.  
You cannot directly approach the sub-registrar to issue you a duplicate copy of the document since he would need you to prove you have actually lost the papers and attempts to find them have yielded no result.Lodge an FIR: It is true if you lose anything, first go to the police station in your area.

Lodge an FIR (first information report) with the police there, giving all the details of the property. Following this, the police would generally try to trace the documents, if a robbery or theft is the reason for the loss. In case the police are not able to trace your lost sale deed, they would issue you a non-traceable certificate.  This is basically a statement by the police that they have not been able to track the document and would be duly signed by the inspector general. This is a document that would now be instrumental in getting you the duplicate sale deed.

Advertise in a national daily: You will now have to advertise any leading newspaper that you have lost your property documents. This is, in fact, another step towards finding the originals. The advertisement will have all the details of the said property. This advertisement is another proof that the owner has lost the document. If you do not receive any information about the loss even after advertising, this is the time to approach the sub-registrar.

Prepare an affidavit: Now is the time to prepare an affidavit. On a plain paper, you have to write to the sub-registrar where the property was registered, informing them about the missing sale deed and all the other particulars related to the incident. You will also have to write an undertaking, stating everything mentioned in the affidavit is true. This affidavit accompanies by one copy each of the FIR, the non-traceable certificate and the newspaper advertisement, will then will have to be registered at a public notary.

Go the sub-registrar’s office: The applicant should not appear before the sub-registrar and submit these documents. After examining the documents, the sub-registrar’s office would accept your application for a duplicate copy of a sale deed. You will also have to pay a nominal fee along with the application which differs from place to place. It might take between 15-30 days for you to receive the duplicate copy.




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