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Marriage is just not an event, but it is ‘the event of your life’. It is much more than a joyful day. It is a life-changing event.Since it is the most important day, you are likely to get baffled with the sheer number of things you need to organize. To arrange everything for  the event, planning itself becomes a tedious job, and many important things get over-looked.Therefore, it is worthwhile to invest reasonable time and resources in planning it right.

Venue, entertainment, food and photography are four pillars, which if set right, lay a strong foundation for your wedding management . The key to a stress-free day is in your planning and early finalization of all these things well in time. And all this flavoured with the right flowers can work wonders.



• Is the venue big enough to accommodate all guests?
• Is the reception venue within a reasonable distance of the main wedding venue?
• How easy is it to find the place? Is it approachable?
• Is it well-posted? Are there enough signages visible on the way?
• Is there adequate parking space available at the venue?
• Check different types of wedding packages available, before deciding upon one.
• Is there an in-house wedding co-ordinator available at the venue? Is it compulsory to work with that co-ordinator or you can hire services from outside?
• Are there any special conditions imposed by the venue management?
• Are there adequate cloakroom and lavatory facilities?
• Will you be allowed to use the equipments available at the venue or will you be required to hire table, chair, crockery, etc, from outside?
•  Is the overall ambience of the venue appropriate to your style of wedding?
•  Is flower decoration included in the package offered to you by the venue owner?
•  Can you bring in your own choice of caterer, florist, decorator, etc.?
•  If you get a caterer from outside, will they get access to the kitchen at the venue or will they have to build one on their own?
•  Will the alcohol license be provided? Will you be required to pay the corkage fee if you get your own stock of alcohol?
•  How will the staff be dressed? What numbers, language, do they know the venue well
•  Is entertainment permitted at the venue? If yes, till what time?
•  Are there power plug-points and sound systems available at the venue? If yes, what all is included in your package?

•  Check the public address system and noise level restrictions, lighting, etc. at the venue.
• Ask for a safe place where you can store gifts and other valuables to be locked, if any.
• Are there any other weddings booked for the day? If yes, does it clash with your entry or exit time by any chance?
•  When will you be allowed to access the venue for pre-event arrangements?
•  Is there a private room for changing, etc.? Can you see the room while others are using it?
• How far in advance is the booking required to be made?
• Check the cancellation policy.
• What’s the advance deposit and when is it due? What are the payment terms?
• When is the balance payment required to be made after the event is over?
•  Is VAT and other applicable taxes included in the total cost?
• Confirm date, time and other details of the venue in writing.
• Get insurance done.



•  What type of entertainment group are you interested in inviting – DJ, dance band or cover band?
• How do they charge for the entertainment services provided?
• Are there any special packages available during that time of the year or at that venue?
• Will they play overtime, if required?
• What is the minimum time required for the entertainment group to travel to the venue? Is the travel cost included in the package offered to you?
• Will they be responsible for feeding entertainers?
• Ask for a demo tape before finalizing the group. When can you hear them perform live?
• Discuss the dress code of the performers.
• Discuss about the set-up time required for the stage, equipment check, etc.? When will they arrive? What will be the wrap up time? Are the plug-points and power system available at the venue suitable for their stage requirement?
• How many breaks are planned and will there be long taped music played during breaks?
• Who will be responsible to get the venue entertainment license?
• Will the DJ work basis a pre-determined playlist?
• Will the entertainment group get their own equipments or are you supposed to arrange for the same?
• How far in advance is the booking is required to be confirmed?
• Check the cancellation / postponement policy.
• Secure the date and time in writing.
• When will the balance be required to be paid, after the event is over?
• Confirm date, time and other details in writing.
• Get insurance done.


It doesn’t matter how many flowers you have, how many tiers are there on your wedding cake, how many butterflies you release at your ceremony or how expensive your wedding dress is.One thing about your wedding that the guests will always remember is ‘food’.

If you have bland, over-cooked, under-seasoned food, your wedding will be remembered as ‘that really pretty wedding with awful food’. Dazzling over-the-top arrangements, most aesthetically done linens, or the best entertainment – nothing can capture your guests’ attention and remarks as the food! Above all, it is their taste buds that will compliment or not your wedding.

Food can be arranged in any of the following ways;

Finger buffet
It can include about fivecanapé; small sandwiches, individual pastries and dips.The guests do not require cutlery and are free to mingle and eat at the same time.
A fork buffet
a wide range of foods with a variety of salads or hot dishes. The guests serve themselves and sit at a specific place laid out for them on a seating plan.
A sit-down meal
Atraditional reception fare, which is the most expensive option. You need to serve minimum three courses – starter, main course, dessert plus coffee or cake.


You only get one chance to capture your wedding day, so it is wise to employ a professional wedding photographer for this important task. Do you want to look back fondly and remember just how great your wedding was, how happy all of your family and friends were or will you look back regretfully having wished you hired an experienced, professional photographer?

Finding the right photographer

Start early. It is important to check the credentials. Check if the profile shown to you, is his own work. Most importantly, you must feel comfortable with the person you choose to work with.


•  Get your booking in writing.
•  Check the small print and make sure you are satisfied with the quality you are getting in exchange of your monies.
• Check the timelines to get the photos ready.
•  Kind of photography.

Think style and color. There are numerous ways; from traditional posed group shots to more candid, natural ones like the bride in her curlers. A combination of styles and film can be finalized. If you want a complete recording of the wedding, go the traditional way with your camera.  Couples seeking more relaxed, un-posed albums may like the reportage style.

•  If you have been too thoughtful in deciding upon the menus, flower arrangements and the like, you definitely need a photographer who will capture all these details artistically in the camera. Discuss it beforehand.

•  Black & white or color images:
If the event is color co-ordinated carefully, definitely go for color images. Else, a mere timeless image, or a fair combination of both can do the magic.

• Disposable cameras can be kept at tables in and around the reception area for guests to take their own picture of celebration. This will give you an interesting insight into your special day from other’s point of view. Remember perfect pictures are never planned. They just get clicked!

•  Get the photographer to visit the venue beforehand so that he has the settings at the back the back of his mind. This will help him enhance the style of photographs.

• Discuss the role beforehand. Do you want him to control the event or blend into the happenings around?

• If you are not used to posing or feel dissatisfied with your usual image in clicks, spend some time before the D-day, in front of the camera, until you get that big smile or at least the expression you think you can live with. If you feel and look comfortable, your clicks are bound to look the best too!

Shoot list:

•  Follows employing a professional or getting family or friends to take a deep drive into photography. Most of the stuff will be needed to be done immediately before the wedding, a time when things are at their most hectic stage. So, don’t rope in a key family member.

•  If not comfortable with what you have seen, go by recommendation.

•  Visit the venue beforehand with the photographer to be able to plan it well.

• Share the sketches of your dress, attendants’ clothes or samples of fabrics and discuss the flowers, entertainment, and the entire event with the photographer in detail. This will help him understand the mood of the event and plan the clicks accordingly. Ultimately, it is the imagination of the photographer that will help you capture the memories right. So, it is important to set his imagination right.


Wedding is the most popular occasion where flowers are used most extensively. Every wedding has a theme and different types of wedding flowers are used to match the theme. The season, in which the wedding is taking place, is an important determining factor of the type of wedding flower that is going to be used. It is always advisable to use seasonal flowers for the wedding. If you want, you can definitely use off season flowers or exotic flower, but they cost much more. So budget is one more determining factor for the type of wedding flower to be used.

The type of wedding flowers can be classified according to colors. Some of the common color types of wedding flowers are:

Weddings during Christmas and Valentine’s Day
Red is the popular theme during this time of the year. Dahlia, carnation, roses, cosmos and lily
are some of the flowers that are seen during this season.

Spring weddings
Pink wedding flowers are mostly used in spring weddings. Some of the common types of pink
wedding flowers are fressia, wisteria, crab apple, bleeding heart, daisy, impatiens, tea rose and
lily. Daffodils, bluebells, tulips are amongst other popular flowers of this season.

Spring & Autumn weddings
Yellow wedding flowers are popular in spring and autumn. Honeysuckle, daffodil, tulips, daisy,
sunflower, narcissus are some of the popular yellow flowers. Wheat and gerbera are the autumn
florists’ favourite.

Winter weddings
Blue wedding flowers are mostly popular in winter weddings. These types of wedding flowers
add a touch of royalty to the wedding ceremony. Hydrangea, sweet pea, bay berry and morning
glory are popular blue flowers.Ivvy lilies, orchids, dark red roses and dendrobium are other
of the winterflorists’ favourites.

Summer weddings
Roses, lisianthus, sunflowers, sweet peas, larkspur rule the weddings during this season.

These days you get almost any kind of flower at any time of the year, but you must go with something that suits the overall mood of the wedding.

– Ruchi Adlakha Bhaumik

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