8 Amazing Places To Visit And Food To Eat In Mumbai During Monsoon

Rains are loved my all. It is just the perfect season which is not too hot and not too cold. The first droplets of rain after the hotness of sun bring cheers and relaxed feeling in mind. All the cheesy rainy songs pops up in you playlist. We totally are bounded by this.

Cutting chai with some pakora and bhajiya in these days, Ah! It’s a typical combination loved by many. Walking on juhu beach eating roasted corn (bhutta) is just an amazing feeling.

Here are few best foods to eat in rains :

Cutting Chai:
As mentioned above rains without cutting chai is completely incomplete. The masala ginger tea beats all the other drinks when it comes to monsoon. This is the best combination and everyone just loves it. These days’ chai wala’s has huge profit. It is just perfect!

Pakora and bhajiyas:
Hot sizzling pakora and bhajiya and heavy rains Ah! What a combination. Combine them with cutting chai, wow! Complete monsoon feeling.

Mumbai is known for vadapav. It is one of the best food items in Mumbai. Vadapav and cutting chai is also a good combination to eat. The spicy chutney in pav and vada makes it tastier.

Bhutta (Corn):
Bhutta is mandatory in this season. It is cooked over coal gas and lemon and chat masala is added on top it which makes it sour, sweet and spicy

Pav Bhaji:
It is popular food item and yet another dish to be eaten in monsoon. The spicy bhaji with butter pav served with onions, Ah! Hotel Ram Krishna and Amar juice centre serves best pav bhaji amongst all. You should try this restaurants at least once.

Hot soup in rains improves your mood. When the hot soup flows down your throat gives warm feeling inside the body making you feel alive. Try chine dine, it has Chinese cuisine.

In combination with eating various food items in rains, people also love to visit few places in monsoon, to enjoy the scenic views.

Here are some must go places in Monsoon,

Marine Drive:

Marine drive is the best place to visit in Mumbai during monsoon. The high tides reach till road. A long walk along the Queens Necklace and a cup of hot tea will refresh your mood.

Juhu Beach:

A walk along the shore while eating bhutta and drinking chai will make you feel lively, it is one of the best places to visit in monsoon. At the entrance you will find many stalls of food, you will find varieties of item. Chaats are mostly preferred when you visit beaches.

National park:

Sanjay Gandhi national park is situated in borivali near western express highway. Monsoon is the best time to visit national park. Nearly 150 species of butterfly migrates here in rains. You will find greenery all around. There is a small river which you can come across in rains. There is small waterfall in kaneri caves. The kaneri caves are ancient caves fully craved and has statue of Buddha. If you are lucky then you can spot deer. Also be aware of snakes. In monsoon you will get to see many types of snakes around.

Worli Sea face:

A scenic view of haji Yali Dargah, Worli fort and bandra-Worli sea-link is know from managing high tides. It’s a very calm place to relax. You can also take a ride on sea link during night.

Vasai fort:

Vasai fort is in Vasai. The fort is very ancient, and you will find greenery all around. At the end of road you will find the creek. Lots of photo shoots, pre wedding shoots takes place in this fort. The frames and the doors are beautiful. The fort is expanded in many acres.

Bandra Bandstand:

Remember the scene from the movie, Wanted, Jai ho, Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane na etc. Mainly film shooting takes place. It gives a full view of sea–link. It’s a crowdie place. Many people visit as it is a tourist place. Sitting and enjoying tea while it’s raining is one of the best feelings.

Carter road:

Carter road is popular for many live events. The sea view makes this road more beautiful. In rains you will find many boys playing football. It is loved by college students.

Gateway of India:

This monument stand tall and never fails to amaze people all over the year. The high tides splash overs making it more beautiful. It is a port from where you can go Alibaug and Elephanta caves. It’s the tourist attraction and praised by people all over the India. A walk in monsoon will make you realise that you are in Mumbai. The tides will almost reach you if you are standing near the fencing. The Taj is also visible from Gate way.

These are  some of the  monsoon must visit places to go and the food you must try if you haven’t yet. Without both of these activities  your monsoon is incomplete. These visits and eating favourite food are few glimpse of life to feel lively and relaxed.

-By Samiksha Suhas Bhovad

Bsc (Botany & Zoology)

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