Fight Against Malaria ,Mumbai Mantra for Malaria Control

Malaria is caused by parasites plasmodium which are transmitted by mosquito named Anopheles stephensi.

Breeding Sites for Mosquitoes :
Anopheles Stephensi breeds in clean and stagnated water. The sites are overhead and ground level water tanks, cisterns, rain water collections in roof gutters, peridomestic containers and underground water storage tanks, wells and building construction sites. During monsoon and the post monsoon , there is collection and accumulation of water in discarded scrap, tires etc.  

Resting habits of mosquitoes:
Rests in human dwellings & outdoor in wells, stagnated water at various sites and underground cement tanks.

Biting Time :
Biting time varies from area and seasonally but the peak biting activity is preferably in early morning hours.

Mumbai Mantra for Malaria Control:

1. Stagnant Water:
The mosquito breeds in clean stagnant water, do not allow water to stagnate.

2. Dry Day :
Observe ‘Dray Day’ once a week to break the mosquito lifecycle. All household water containers to be emptied & dried once a week. Remove all articles that can collect water on tarraces & other sites in your building. Inform MOH & PCO, If there are stagnant pools in and around your locality.

3. Use Bed Nets:
Long- lasting insecticidal bed nets provides the most effective and inexpensive form of personal protection for all, in high transmission areas like slum and slum like areas. Door and window nets can be very effective too.

4. Indoor residual spraying & indoor fogging :

Applying insecticide to walls of houses kills the mosquitoes that rest on the surface of walls and roofs.

5. Fever? Consult a Doctor
Early diagnosis, correct and complete treatment prescribed by doctor are basic elements of malaria control.
Timely and effective treatment of malaria can shorten the duration of the infection and prevent further complication.
Avoid self medication and over the counter medicines.
Courtesy – Mumbai Arogya Abhiyan (BMC)

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