Tiger Safari and Lion Safari in Borivali National Park, Mumbai.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali National Park is a unique wildlife park situated within the city limits of Mumbai. The Park was known as Krishnagiri Park during pre-independence period and later as Borivali National Park.To find tranquility amidst teeming Mumbai, this is the place to come!

Tiger Safari and Lion Safari:

Tiger safari in sanjay gandhi national park2Main attractions of the park are a Lion Safari and a Tiger Safari for encouraging Eco-tourism. The Lion safari is a 20 minute ride through a 12 ha (29.65 acres) fenced forest area in one of the park’s green buses.The Park is said to have a total of about 25 lions and lionesses. There are hardly 2 lions which visitors can safely see up close from inside the caged buses. The remaining 23 have been relocated or placed in fenced areas far away from the roads used by the green buses. During visiting hours, some of the resident lions are let out into the enclosure, and can be viewed from the safety of the bus. There are 4 tigers that are kept semi-confined in a 20 ha (49.42 acres) fenced area that is toured by the buses. A 5 m (16.40 ft) high and 2,200 m (7,217.85 ft) long protective fencing surrounds the area.
SanjayGandhi National Park 8This is done so that all visitors can safely view lions and tigers in their natural habitat.[17] Here the visitors are caged in the bus so the big cats can roam like in the wild. Two other tigers roam in a much larger area. There are many claims that many times these tigers and lions are tranquilized, so that the number of tourists can be increased.
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