Aloe Vera: Living First-Aid Plant.

The earliest human civilisations tapped into the extraordinary properties of Aloe Vera over 5000 years ago. Packed full of nutrients and enhanced by scientific innovation and centuries of experience, uses today are as varied as they were thousands of years ago.Aloe Vera  great skin healer Most commonly found in Africa and the Caribbean, aloe vera belongs to the succulent species – and like a cactus, it holds liquid to survive in hot, dry climates. The plant is a household staple to treat burns by reducing inflammation and providing quick cooling relief. But did you know that consuming aloe vera has a wide range of health benefits?
Aside from being known to be a great friend of the skin, Aloe Vera is also known to be good for hair care especially those who are having issues on hair loss. Fresh picked or aloe vera based beauty products are highly recommended.

Let’s see what’s in aloe vera that makes it a reliable source for beauty.

Amino Acids  ,Anthraquinones, Enzymes ,Hormones ,Lignin ,Salicylic Acid ,Saponins ,Sterols,
Vitamins ,Minerals ,Sugars

Available in the form of gel, cream, shampoo, oil, etc. it is reasonably priced and is recommended by many skin specialists. Here’s some beauty tips on how to use aloe vera for your face, skin and hair.

Aloe Vera Beauty Tips for Hair

aloevera-spoonFor people who are dealing with hair loss issues, a lot of expensive treatment are available out there but gives really no assurance that it will be the best remedy of the problem. Meanwhile, Aloe Vera has been largely successful in the hair care section as it contains an enzyme that helps promote new hair growth :
Apply Aloe Vera gel on the scalp areas where you are losing hair. It can be applied directly onto the scalp without worrying about side effects. This wonderful gel promotes new hair growth as observedin many cases. Aloe Vera lotion can also be applied in addition to the gel or on its own.Alternatively, you can also use Aloe Vera shampoo which helps in eliminating dandruff, prevents hair loss and nourishes your scalp making your hair soft and shiny. Some people prefer assembling a shampoo at home by mixing aloe vera juice with coconut milk and wheat germ oil.Replace your chemical filled conditioner with Aloe Vera conditioner for silky hair.

Aloe Vera Beauty Tips for Skin:

Need I say more why this has been trusted even by skin specialist? Aloe Vera by the way is suitable for all skin type. Here’s how to use aloe vera for your skin.Keep a jar containing a mixture of Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E oil in your kitchen for instant relief from burns.Use an Aloe Vera body wash or scrub when you take a shower. It’ll remove the dead skin cells effectively and make the skin smooth. For best results, use a loofah followed by a moisturiser.Aloe Vera body massage cream enriched with almond oil or jojoba oil relaxes the muscles and reduces the soreness, gets rid of all the fatigue, tones the skin and improves blood circulation.A body lotion containing Aloe Vera can be used every night before going to bed. It hydrates, revives and moisturises the skin so that you wake up to soft and
healthy skin. However, you should ensure that it contains Vitamin E.

Aloe vera  for your tummy:

Aloe vera is a detoxifier and may help to cleanse the body – especially the digestive tract – of unwanted bacteria. The polysaccharides in aloe vera are used to improve the properties of the immune cells and may remove waste from the body while enhancing the absorption of nutrients. As a
consequence, aloe vera is said to aid digestive functioning and can be useful for treating digestive conditions such as acid indigestion, candida, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Aloe Vera Beauty Tips for Face :

aloe vera skinI guess it is safe to say that none of us would want to deal with acne at any age and circumstances. Good news is it can be cured or avoided by a host of natural Aloe Vera products which can be used on the face. They can be applied regardless of dry, oily or sensitive skin since they are devoid of any harmful chemicals. Furthermore, they are helpful not only to treat acne but also some other skin
complications like:Treating Eczema .Decreases pigmentation and dark spots, thereby giving a
healthy glow to the face Soothes burns and scars Helps to cure Psoriasis Protection from sun rays
Reverses signs of aging and wrinkles For a facial mask, simply rub the fresh aloe vera gel all over the face overnight. It doesn’t just moisturise your skin but heals also especially those red spots and scars.

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