Using plants in Feng Shui: 4 Auspicious Feng Shui Plants

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that involves arranging your environment in a way that allows the energy (or Chi) to flow smoothly through it. This energy is made up of five elements (Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal, and Water), and its believed that the flow of this energy can have considerable effects on your finances, health, happiness, and personal relationships. Whether you believe that it is the flow of the chi, or that the ancient practice tapped into great design and sense of proportion, the practice can definitely has a positive impact on design.


Because it has the power to increase productivity and happiness, Feng Shui is a great practice to bring into the workplace, Home and one simple way to do this is by introducing a number of plants that help Feng Shui. This is because
Plants can contribute to positive feng shui in many ways. They can balance the water element, bring fortune or luck, purify the air, counteract negative energy, and help bring the outdoors in. Using the right plants may help balance energies in your home to create an overall more positive atmosphere.

4 Auspicious Feng Shui Plants

Lucky Bamboo Is a Top Feng Shui Plant

Lucky bamboo is considered one of the most fortuitous plants for bringing positive feng shui energies into your home or workspace. A symbol of good fortune, lucky bamboo balances all five elements. It is best when placed in the wealth corner of your home or workspace. The number of stalks the plant has will determine which aspects it brings the most luck to.

Money Tree Brings Feng Shui Fortune and Luck

Also known as Pachira aquatica, the money tree brings fortune and luck. This tall, bonsai-style tree with a braided stem brings best fortune when placed in the areas for money, health, or fame. It is considered not fortuitous to display them in your area of self, spirituality, and knowledge or marriage and relationships.

Jade Plant Supports Luck

The jade plant is another plant commonly known as a money tree in feng shui because the round leaves symbolize good fortune. These plants are relatively hardy succulents, so they may be a better money tree choice for those challenged at keeping plants alive. Like the traditional money tree, jade plants are best placed in money, health, or fame areas of the home. You can also place them in an office space to invite success and fortune.

Peace Lily Purifies Air

Peace lilies are easy to tend, and they are excellent at improving air quality in your home or office. They have a beautiful white bloom and lush foliage, and with their air purifying qualities, placement in an office area can help improve air conditions and correct energetic imbalances.

When choosing and maintaining plants for feng shui, keep the following tips in mind:

Choose healthy plants with vibrant foliage to bring growing, live energy to your spaces.
Deadhead dead flowers right away.
Do not keep dead plants, as they cause energy to deaden and stagnate.
Choose plants with rounded leaves.
Larger plants attract greater amounts of energy.
Choose plants with upwards foliage growth patterns as opposed to those that droop (think of a weeping willow).
Use flowering plants to attract love.

– Rashmi M. 
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